Mencoba iseng2 ikut kontes MOBIL KELUARGA IDEAL TERBAIK INDONESIA hehe lumayan hadiahnya gede... kalo gede gni terpaksa deh ikut.. :) xixixi... spa tau bisa numb one.. bagi temen2 yang jga kpingin ikutan nih ada infonya yuk mari... :

Toyota SEO Rule Award 2010:

1. SEO Contest start date is October 7, 2010 (Hour 12:00 pm).

2. SEO Contest end date is January 31, 2011 (12:00 hours GMT).

3. The winner announcement made in February.

4. Not allowed any element of pornography, discrimination, or unlawful acts in the implementation of the SEO Game.

5. Target Keyword: "Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car" and create a link to

6. Adding SEO Award 2010 Toyota logo.

7. SEO Contest is using the Indonesian language as content relevance.

8. The relevance of the content is considered here, make the appropriate Indonesian-language content targeted keywords and readable.

9. Only registered participants can compete and win prizes provided by the committee.

10. Registration is free and open to everyone without age restrictions.

11. Each participant must have an entry page back links that can be seen /

12. One person can only get one gift.

13. Domain Age maximum of 4 years.

14. Contact information should be valid on the website used part SEO Award. Emails are preferred

15. You are allowed to use an existing domain, but the page / URL of the submitted entry must be completely new with no back links and previously cached version.

16. Not using the domains and subdomains with the target keywords in lombakan (do not make five keyword phrases that are contested as the domain or subdomain).

17. Toyota SEO Award organizers allowed the contest, but is not entitled to any prize.

18. Rules can be added or modified from time to time in accordance with feedback received from participants.

19. Toyota's target of winning SEO Award 2010 in the form of scoring in and (see example below assessment). There was also judging the quality of articles and content. Article quality assessment is the prerogative of the jury.

maaf pakek english.... takut kna razia hihii... klo kpingin info lengkap klik banner disamping... hikz.... hehehe....

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