Frog Rain in Japan


Natural phenomena like the whole world began to experience something beyond the events of our thinking, so many Natural phenomena such as how many days it rains Fish and words in Japanese, Sky Chop In Yogyakarta and Padang, and not forgetting Sky Dragon In Jayapura tablets, and many more Natural phenomena that occur when this is what lessons we need to make this a warning or because the world is already too old.

Circulation of fish in the Youtube Video Rain which he still edits, but if viewed from a longer circulating Image2 think it's right or Frog Frog Rain's really happening in Japan.

You could say this was a very strange occurrence. if we observe in our country also has a lot of strange things not only outside the tablets, remember Lumpur Lapindo is a Natural phenomena events that we can not understand with our minds.

And the number of emerging water spraying from the bottom land that occurred in other places in Indonesia. Earthquakes that often occur. More flash floods and this is a Natural Phenomenon loh.

Here are Pictures of Rain Frog and Fish Foro happened in Japan some time ag
Katak Diatas Mobil  Hujan Katak Di Jepang
There is what's behind all the phenomena of Nature that happening is only by returning to the Divine hopefully this incident immediately berahir Japanese Rain Frogs Natural phenomena that should make us closer to God Almighty.

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